Title channel restoration

Restoration of runoff water ditches / channels / swales with vegetation is the effective and environmentally friendly solution.

For effective channel restoration,
  • Need a strong channel liner

    Channel liners with loose fiber easily wash away with heavy flows and are not suitable.

  • Loose fiber failing

  • Shallow check dams

  • Tall check dams are unable to hold during heavy storms and create more erosion due to failing as well as water finding alternative ways

    Failing channels Failing channel

Effective vegetated channel restoration can be achieved using BioD-Mat woven bristle coir mats and shallow coir wattle check dams.

At present, poor channel restoration is the main source of sediment pollution.

Poor channel restoration

Sediment pollution

Sediment pollution
Product selection

Flow velocity about 16 fps
BioD-Mat 90
BioD-Watl 12 or BioD-SiltCheck 12

Flow velocity about 12 fps
BioD-Mat 70
BioD-Watl 9 or BioD-Siltcheck 9

Flow velocity less than 12fps
BioD-Mat 60
BioD-Watl 9 or BioD-Siltcheck 9

All these products are 100% biodegradable and do not contain any synthetic materials to pose danger to wildlife. These blanket applications are completely environmentally safe.
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