Sediment Control

RoLanka offers GeoNatural™ products made of coconut fiber (coir fiber) for sediment control BMP's. Tensile strength coir fiber exceeds that of straw and excelsior (wood fiber) and jute. Coir fiber is unpalatable to wildlife, which makes them a more suitable for sediment control without causing any damage to wildlife.
Geonatural™ sediment control products can be left at the site or they can be buried on site upon use. Therefore, use of Geonatural™ for sediment control is more cost effective and healthy to the environment.
Animation of sediment control products

Several decades ago, sediment was identified as the main cause of water pollution. Unfortunately, sediment is still the main cause. Think twice before selecting sediment control products.

Failing siltfence
Sediment lake
Important factors to be considered when selecting sediment control devices
Performance Eco-friendliness Cost effectiveness
Ability to filter sediment. Ability to blend with the environment. Material and installation costs.
Ability of water to pass through easily. Ability to biodegrade. Removal and disposal costs, if necessary.
Strength of the material. Ability to reuse. Reconstruction costs.
Durability of the materials.     

Dangers in using GeoSynthetic products for sediment control

Using sediment control products made of non-degradable synthetic materials, they cannot be left at the site upon use. They are required to be removed and disposed in landfills. When they get buried in the ground, it will be expensive to remove them as well as the removal creates unnecessary risk of sediment pollution.  Removal, hauling and disposal at landfills increase the cost of sediment control with non-degradable materials.

Synteic products
Synthetic products

Use cost effective and environmentally friendly GeoNatural™ sediment control products to protect our natural resources!

Poor sediment control


Effective sediment control

Successful sediment control
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