Erosion Control
Erosion control mats are used to protect soil from rain and wind erosion and to support establishment of sustainable vegetation.

Natural and biodegradable erosion control blankets (GeoNatural blankets) are the solution for today's environmental demands. They inherently support establishment of vegetation which is the objective of erosion control. GeoNatural erosion control blankets are available in temporary, extended temporary and semi-permanent categories.

GeoNatural application

Advantages of GeoNatural erosion control blankets.
  • Woven bristle coir blankets provide protection for tough erosion problems. RoLankaâ™s BioD-Mat woven bristle coir blankets have a higher tensile strength and a four- to six-year functional life.
  • Completely natural and biodegradable.
  • Completely wildlife safe and easy to maintain. No plastic materials to interfere.
  • Add mulch and improve soil upon biodegradation.
  • Provide aesthetically pleasing applications.
  • These hold moisture and support seed germination and seedling growth.
  • The ability to plant through the mat without having to cut into it is a big advantage in these semi-permanent, open weave blankets.
  • Vegetation successfully comes through these natural mats better than synthetic TRMs.
  • They are excellent for use in establishing vegetation in channels and slopes where maintenance is required. Field experiences support these products further due to the ease of mowing and maintenance of the restored areas. 
  • These semi-permanent natural blankets have repeatedly proven to perform better than the synthetic permanent mats and provide true green solutions in these applications.

Vegetation comes easily through natural mats than synthetic TRMs

Vegetation through mats
GeoNatural mats provide aesthetically pleasing applications than GeoSynthetic mats

GeoNatural mats

Traditional erosion control blankets (temporary and permanent) were introduced with photo degradable synthetic materials (GeoSynthetic).

Disadvantages of GeoSynthetic erosion control blankets

  • These nets have fixed joints that pose a threat to wildlife movement and activities
  • These nets also create problems in maintenance of the vegetation. These photo degradable nets easily tangle with mowing equipment and destroy the nicely established vegetation as well as destroy the mat.
  • These light weight TRMs do not blend with soil well and tend to come off the soil
  • easily.

As a solution for the dangers of these synthetic nets, use RoLanka's complete line of GeoNatural erosion control blankets.

Do it right the first time.
Save money, time, and our environment and have a piece of mind! Always remember failures not only require reconstruction, but also create extremely expensive and irreversible damage to our ecosystem.
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