Soil bioengineering

Soil bioengineering is an interdisciplinary approach to environmental restoration which involves the incorporation of biological systems with engineering principles in order to restore soil and thereby protect water resources. It is the only environmentally sound technique for restoration of degrading water edges (streambanks, shorelines, wetlands etc.). These techniques believe in the ability of mature vegetation to resist erosion forces. Natural biodegradable products are used to provide the needed protection until establishment of mature vegetation. These methods not only provide strong, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing water edges, but also provide habitats for aquatic terrestrial wildlife and filter run off water. Economical, strong, durable yet biodegradable coir (coconut fiber) products play a significant role in these techniques. Coir products not only provide strong support, but also provide mulch (upon biodegradation) that improve soil conditions for healthy plant growth.

Bioengineered restoration

Application of soil bioengineering

Advantages of soil bioengineering
  • Sustain a balanced ecosystem.
  • Nourish naturally strong, healthy environment.
  • Reduce heat reflection.
  • Increase infiltration.
  • Support recreational activities.
  • Filter sediment and improve water quality.
  • Accommodate quality habitats for wildlife and fish.
  • Provide aesthetically pleasing applications.
  • Create environment to rest and reduce human stress.
  • Convey peace of mind for all of us.

Traditional restoration

traditional restoration

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Disadvantages of hard armor methods
  • Do not support healthy plant growth.
  • Do not have any shade. Increase water temperatures in summer cause fish kills due to low Dissolved Oxygen.
  • Do not create quality habitats for wildlife.
  • No litter for primary production and effective food chain.
  • Can lead to unbalanced ecosystem.
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