Product applications

Diverse, sustainable, mature vegetation is the solution for successful permanent erosion control.

  • It takes time to establish mature, sustainable vegetation. Proper protection for the soil and young plants are required until establishment of mature vegetation. RoLanka GeoNatural products protect soil and support vegetation establishment.

  • Success of any restoration project depends not only on the selection of suitable materials, but also on correct installation.

  • None of the RoLanka products are capable of doing the job they are designed for without proper installation.

  • Always remember, failures due to poor erosion and sediment control practices not only cost reconstruction, but also create extremely expensive and irreversible damage to our environment, especially aquatic life in lakes and streams.

Blanket installation on slopes.

Blanket installation in channels Blanket installation on channels

Blankets and logs on streambanks

Soil lifts with coir block system Soil lifts with coir blocks

Soil lifts with coir fabrics Soil lifts with coir fabrics
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