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RoLanka is an environmentally concerned company that supplies high quality, economical and environmentally friendly products for sediment control, soil bioengineering, erosion control, wetland restoration, turf reinforcement and horticultural applications. The natural by-product, coir (coconut fiber) is the basis for most RoLanka products.
Our technical expertise combined with direct access to abundant coir resources allows us to provide well-engineered, environmentally-safe and economical coir products for various applications in environmental restorations. A healthy environment supports a healthy human population.

Our research and development personnel are constantly working on developing new products and on improving our current product line. Currently, there are several new products at patent pending status in the USA and in other countries. Although we offer some traditional coir products, our main emphasis is on providing technically advanced coir products for civil engineering and horticultural communities. By doing this we also assist the coir industry in developing countries. Our products are reasonably priced with a view to enhance environmentally friendly restoration activities. We are proud to be the world's leading supplier of technically advanced natural products to the global market. RoLanka is a registered minority business enterprise in the State of Georgia.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to supply high quality products at affordable prices with excellent customer service while educating the public about advantages, disadvantages of each product and help to get the each job done right, the first time.
Largest Inventory of quality coir products in North America

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