RoLanka Celebrates 23 Successful Years of Providing True Green Solutions for Erosion and Sediment Problems

Since 1993, RoLanka International, Inc. has been the most reliable supplier of high quality GeoNatural™ products for erosion & sediment control and soil bioengineering in the USA. When RoLanka opened its doors to supply GeoNatural erosion control products, most of the restoration was done using synthetic materials, rock and concrete. Very little information was available on the advantages of using strong natural coir products for environmental restoration or on the possible damages to the ecosystem from using synthetic materials in environmental restorations. For the past 20 years, RoLanka’s natural coir products have gained significant acceptance from the erosion and sediment control industry for consistency in product quality, availability and excellent customer service. The rapid growth of RoLanka over the years has been the direct proof of this, and RoLanka now has a significantly large satisfied customer base that is continuously growing.

RoLanka’s GeoNatural™ products are made from coconut fiber (coir), which is an abundant renewable natural resource. These products do not contain any synthetic materials that can interfere with wildlife or other natural resources. Coir fiber is one of the most durable and readily available natural fibers. Its tensile strength and durability exceed that of straw, excelsior (wood fiber), and jute. Coir fiber is unpalatable to wildlife, which makes it a more suitable green resource for environmental restorations and wildlife habitat improvements. With skilled processing of coconut husks, coir fiber can be separated into different grades depending on the thickness of the fiber. Thick coir fibers in general are longer and called bristle coir fiber. Coir fiber is also an excellent sediment filter medium. As a fiber medium in coir sediment control products, coir fiber provides better filtration than straw, wood fiber and other non-degradable products. EPA field studies have shown that coir fiber not only removes sediment, but also phosphorous and heavy metals. These strong, durable natural sediment control products not only perform better, but are also more cost effective than the traditional non-degradable GeoSynthetic sediment control products.

RoLanka’s GeoNatural coir products are made in Sri Lanka in a central facility with strict quality control measures to assure that all the products are made according to their specifications. RoLanka guarantees that all RoLanka’s coir products do not contain or come with live or dead invasive species. RoLanka excels in innovations in developing new products for successful environmental restoration applications. In our perfected manufacturing process, we use bristle coir fiber to make all coir twine which results in high strength and durability in the final products. The initial product introduced was the BioD-Mat woven bristle coir mat. It remains the toughest natural fiber blanket in the market. This blanket is available in 4 different unit weights (BioD-Mat 40, BioD-Mat 60, BioD-Mat 70 and BioD-Mat 90). We have also introduced several patented products to the market: the BioD-Block system, BioD-SiltCheck and BioD-SuperWattle. These products continue to gain popularity in the USA. Our patented products are manufactured to provide solutions for specific needs in the erosion and sediment control industry.

RoLanka is proud to be the leader in innovations in natural products for erosion and sediment control. Coir fiber products are growing in popularity due to their natural advantages and have proved to be a great competitor to manufacturers of synthetic erosion and sediment control products. Some competitors have promoted false information about the coconut fiber industry in order to reduce the use of these natural solutions; however, the coconut fiber industry in Sri Lanka dates back to the 1800’s, and there have been no records of any negative effects on the environment. The fiber processing machines require very skilled operators and therefore can never use child labor in the coir fiber mills. The use of coconut fiber products in erosion & sediment control and restoration is very recent (less than 50 years), but continues to grow as the natural advantages prove themselves and become known.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our designers, distributors, and customers, who trusted our products and techniques, for their support during the last 23 years, and we look forward to many more successful years. RoLanka products are readily available in Stockbridge, GA. More information about RoLanka products is available at www.rolanka.com, www.geo-naturals.com, or at 1-800-760-3215.

Serving erosion control industry with pride !

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